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Everything We Know About the Traitors Season 3




Hey traitors’ fans! Get ready for another season of manipulation and thrilling missions. You are right, the traitors is officially coming back for season 3 promising even more drama and betrayal.

So, what do you think will the Faithfuls survive another season or will the traitors continue being outsmart? Here’s, we’ve pulled together all the upcoming details and news about what’s to come.

Let’s find everything you need to know from release date and casting whispers to exciting challenges and gameplay tweaks of season 3.

Will there be Season 3 Traitors?

Great news for fans of the suspense and intrigue of “The Traitors” – Season 3 is officially confirmed. The box-office success and huge popularity of the second season built the confidence of producers and thus Peacock has renewed the hit unscripted series.

What’s more enticing and thrilling is that the season 3 promises to bring even more excitement and drama to the screen. As the new contestants navigate the treacherous gameplay of trust and deceit, viewers can expect a fresh cast, each bringing their own personalities.

The casting process has already sparked a sense of interest among celebrities who are eager to join the thrilling competition.

Meanwhile, the main theme of the series revolves around cunning traitors aiming to eliminate Faithful and claim the grand prize for themselves. However, with the new season, the stakes get higher and the gameplay becomes more intense.

When is Traitors Season 3 Coming Out?

The wait is almost over for the thrilling return of the new “The Traitors” season. While the exact release date is something unlikely to be released earlier, whispers sum up suggesting that season 3 will grace our screens in early 2025.

The show’s creators are keeping the release date secret, but if the pattern of previous seasons holds true, January 2025 seems to be when the mind gameplay will resume.

Well, suspense is part of the fun and it’s all gearing up for the release of the latest Traitors season in the following year. So, mark your calendar and stay tuned to pick your favorites in the upcoming season that promises to be full of surprises and wow moments.

The Traitors US Season 3 Cast Predictions

The upcoming Traitors series is all about who will be joining the cast. While the official list hasn’t been released yet, fans are excitedly making predictions. Many are hoping to see their favorite reality TV stars from shows like “Survivor”, “Big Brother”, and “The Real Housewives” enter the castle for a new round of mind games.

The show’s producers revealed that they are open to casting a wide range of TV stars and actors, which means we could see some surprising faces. The aim is to create a diverse and dynamic group to keep viewers guessing who the traitors are among them.

Some names floating around include Reality TV Veterans known for their strategic gameplay and charismatic personalities. Fans are eager to find out if their predictions will come true and are looking forward to the official announcements.

Where to Watch The Traitors Season 3?

Peacock is your go-to option to catch all the suspense and intrigue of the upcoming Traitors series. This streaming service is home to a traitors show where contestants try to outwit each other in the ultimate game of trust and betrayal. Just sign up for Peacock, pick your plan, and you’re all set to stream the new season as soon as it’s released.

But that’s not all! If you are outside the US or prefer any other streaming platform, you can find the traitors on different versions of the show worldwide. For instance, the UK version is available on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

So, whether you are in the US or elsewhere, there are a few options to catch up with the gameplay. Get ready to join host Alan Cumming and a new group of competitors in the Scottish Highlands for another season of thrilling challenges and surprising tweaks.

Has The Traitors US Season 3 Started Filming?

As of March 2024, filming for the Traitors US 3 series had not yet begun. The show is known to film in the beautiful Scottish Highlands with the production usually starting later in the year, around August or September. This time allows the competition to take place and all the episodes to be filmed.

So, while the cast might be getting ready, the cameras are not rolling just yet. Keep an eye out for more updates as the year progresses.


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